Our Team

Our team possesses an in-depth understanding across industries, local economies and cultures, thereby enabling us to assist our clients to identify and pursue strategic alternatives, devise strategies to enhance shareholder value, raise capital to meet growth objectives, and develop new ideas and deeper perspectives regarding individual companies and relevant industry sectors.

The Team

Senior Advisors

Adrian Bharath

Senior Advisor
Owner and Managing Director for AMB Corporate Finance Limited.

Milton Brady

Senior Advisor
Over 35 years of experience in Financial Services, and Media and Telecom, in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Andrew Haining

Senior Advisor
Andrew Haining is founder and partner of Balmuir Partners, a private equity fund manager and advisory firm based in London.

Mayu Hume

Senior Advisor
Over 30 years occupying positions of leadership in the public and private sector. Currently serves on the boards of 16 For-Profit and Not-For-Profit organizations in Peru.

Hendrik Luhl

Senior Advisor
Over 25 years of experience as banker with development finance institutions

Markman Peters

Senior Advisor
Executive Vice President at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank based in Abu Dhabi

Peter Wallin

Senior Advisor
Over 35 years of corporate finance and investment banking experience in the Latin American Region.

Jose Antonio Rios

Senior Advisor
Served in executive leadership positions for large corporations across Asia, Europe and Latin America, for over 30 years.