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August 10, 2018

Sigma S.A.

Sigma S.A.
Strategic alternatives and capital raising strategies

July 2008

Sigma, S.A. provides industrial and luxury packaging solutions in Latin America. Its products include bags, chip boards, adhesive tapes, corrugated and flexible packaging, smart packaging, folding cartons, sealing varnish, plastic containers, labels, displays, greeting cards, stickers and gift wraps, smart cards, and green boxes. The company serves various industries, such as oils and lubricants, personal care, greeting cards, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, smart cards, foods, jewelry packaging and displays, textiles and tailoring, drinks, home cleaning, wines and spirits, stationery, footwear and bitumen, perfume shops, pet food, corporate wood gifts, confectionery, clock/watch stores, cosmetics, and tobacco. Sigma, S.A. was founded in 1969 and is based in San Salvador, El Salvador with corporate offices in Guatemala. The company has factories in San Salvador, El Salvador; San José, Costa Rica; Norte Managua, Nicaragua; Colonia El Rosario and Zona 12, Guatemala; and San Pedro Sula, Honduras. It has sales offices in Edificio, Guatemala; Clearwater, Florida; Santo Domingo, República Dominicana; and Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, México.

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