Infrastructure Investment Banking, Financing & Advisor Services

Over the last 30 years our team of advisors have helped execute dozens of infrastructure investment banking project deals throughout Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. From Gas processing plants in Trinidad and Tobago to wind power generation and distribution in Panama, Pan American Finance leverages its capital resources from around the world to structure long-term debt and/or equity infrastructure financing for its clients at  


Bringing together and negotiating between governments, nationalized utilities, international corporations, and global banks, our goal is to minimize uncertainty for our clients working on far-reaching infrastructure projects find more. We wear many hats, acting as investment bankers, providing project financing, and as infrastructure advisors for large-scale projects that affect millions of people.

Investment Bank

Pan American Finance provides Infrastructure Investment Bank, Finance, and Advisory services for projects in the Caribbean, and Latin America.  These include:

  • Infrastructure Debt and Equity underwriting for all corporate types
  • Infrastructure Securities sales
  • Infrastructure Mergers and acquisitions
  • Infrastructure Brokerage and advisory services for institutions and private investors

Project Financing

Pan American Finance works with national, state, and local governments to provide infrastructure project financing capital. We also work with international corporations to finance large industrial and public service projects.  

  • Infrastructure non-recourse and limited recourse financial structuring
  • Infrastructure special purpose vehicle
  • Infrastructure off-balance sheet debt structuring

Infrastructure Financial
Advisor Service

Pan American Finance provides infrastructure financial advisor service to multinational corporations, utilities, and governments. These services include investment banking, project financing, debt restructuring, and mergers & acquisitions deals of all sizes throughout the Americas.

  • Infrastructure strategic advice and financial restructuring for corporations, creditors, and investors
  • Infrastructure mezzanine debt, equity and placement services for sponsors and fund managers
  • Infrastructure debt advisory
  • Infrastructure M&A, joint ventures, divestitures, and sale transactions


Since inception, our firm has closed over 54 transactions with over US$3.1 billion total transaction value. Our firm also has an extensive track record of raising debt, mezzanine and equity capital from development finance institutions.