Latin America Project Financing

Pan American Finance provides Latin America project financing to companies and governments. Working together as investment bankers and/or financial advisors to corporations and governments, we have a structured deals with equity, debt, and mezzanine capital to finance large industrial and public service projects.  

For private equity firms, financial institutions, and family office investors seeking to invest in Latin America or the Caribbean, Pan American can help identify, structure, and execute value-creating transactions.  From renewable energy projects to consumer manufacturing services to technology, media, & telecom, we bring in-depth knowledge markets throughout the Americas. Over decades of building relationships and boots-on-the-ground in most Caribbean, Central American, and South American countries, we have acquired in-depth knowledge of  the idiosyncrasies and business environment nuances that lead to solid learn more, practical, value-adding advice.

Latin America
Renewable Energy Financing

Pan American Finance provides equity and debt financing for renewable energy projects. Our Latin America renewable energy financing services include the following:

  • Wind Power
  • Solar Power
  • Hydroelectric
  • Clean Coal

Latin America
Equity Raising

Leveraging our capital sources, Pan American Finance specializes in Latin America equity raising for companies looking to invest in the following areas:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Central America
  • The Caribbean

Latin America
Infrastructure Financing

Specializing in Latin America infrastructure financing, Pan American Finance can provides the following services:

  • Debt/equity underwriting for infrastructure projects in Latin America all corporate types
  • Securities sales to raise capital to invest in Latin American infrastructure projects
  • Mergers & acquisitions advisory and brokerage services for Latin American companies


Since inception, our firm has closed over 54 transactions with over US$3.1 billion total transaction value. Our firm also has an extensive track record of raising debt, mezzanine and equity capital from development finance institutions.