Miami Investment Banking & Project Financing

Pan American Finance is an investment banking and project financing firm located in the heart of Miami, Florida. Widely considered as the “Capital of Latin America” Miami is experiencing tremendous growth in population and commerce as a result of its strategic location. Corporations from around the world are flocking to the City for both its business-friendly regulatory environment and also to position themselves between European and markets in the Americas, including the Caribbean.  Pan American Finance is has Team and track record to be the premier Miami investment banking firm.


Our team of experts have decades of international Investment Banking expertise, structuring deals in dozens of countries and spanning across borders. We provide a full range of investment banking services, including underwriting, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and advising corporate re-organizations.


From our headquarters in Miami Project financing is another major component of our practice.  This involves structuring loans based on long-term, large scale projects for governments and corporations that go far into the future. With our expertise, our clients are able to fund infrastructure projects with the flexibility click here they need to minimize uncertainty and make their projects profitable many years down the road.


We leverage our equity partners in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America to raise capital for our clients. No deal is too big or too complex for our Team, who has structured large capital raises for International banks, Telecom companies, Renewable energy providers, and other investments throughout the Caribbean and in most Latin American countries.  We pride ourselves in delivering world-class advice and implementation for our clients, and will continue to be the leading Miami Investment banking and project financing firm in Miami.

Miami Investment Bank

Pan American Finance is a Miami Investment Bank that services companies in the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America.  Our investment banking services include:

  • Debt and Equity underwriting for all corporate types
  • Securities sales
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Brokerage and advisory services for institutions and private investors

Miami Project Financing

Pan American Finance is a Miami project financing firm that works with national, state, and local governments and multinational corporations to fund long-term projects in various industries. We also work with international corporations fro to finance large industrial and public service projects.  

  • Non-recourse and limited recourse financial structuring
  • Special purpose vehicle
  • Off-balance sheet debt structuring


Since inception, our firm has closed over 54 transactions with over US$3.1 billion total transaction value. Our firm also has an extensive track record of raising debt, mezzanine and equity capital from development finance institutions.